Terms and Conditions

The work that needs to be carried out shall be confirmed by TechMajestic Inc. via email.

Most of our communication will be done via email, it is the Client’s responsibility to inform us of any change in email address, if we are not supplied a valid email address we will inform you, so you can provide us with an alternative email address.

TechMajestic Inc. will only commence work on after receipt of a 50% deposit which is non refundable, and the remaining 50% will be paid once work is completed before your site can go live on the world wide web.

Your site will be made live on the world wide web after the full payment of the package has been received, prior to that it will be on our demo site, where the development and testing of the site will be carried out.

After your site is fully complete and live you will get one-month free site management package, which will include changes to the site to ensure everything is working fine according to your requirements. After one-month site management and development changes will be chargeable.

Every quarter you are entitled to change text on your site by emailing us, if your package does not include a CMS (Content Management System).

TechMajestic Inc. shall expect the Client to carry out sufficient research before proceeding with a website. This will include checking that the website/idea/business will operate legally. It is important that the website is not in any way illegal.

It is important for the Client to keep in contact with TechMajestic Inc. throughout the entire project. If we do not receive a response after sufficient amount of attempts trying to contact the client, TechMajestic Inc. will terminate the project and the deposit will be non refundable.

Images used on clients website is strictly for use on the website only. TechMajestic Inc. will not liable for misuse of any our contents on the websites.

TechMajestic Inc. will not guarantee any specific placement or high ranking on search engines.

The site will be shown on a demo site during its construction, upon completion of the project and the full payment the site will be made live on the clients chosen domain.

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