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TechMajestic, one among India’s fastest growing end-to-end Internet marketing service providers has been helping numerous businesses across the globe all their Search Engine Optimization needs. We combine our INTELLIGENCE with your business PROCESS and plan the best SEO methodology that perfectly works over the Internet. With a team of experienced SEO experts, who have the vision and foresight to interpret the current and forecasted business needs, we develop winning edge online business strategy for you.

We adopt phase-wise and methodical SEO techniques that is very clear and defined. At every phase, we do give due importance of your inputs and suggestions so that we come up with the best result right at the first time.

SEO Methodology:
Phase 1 – Initial Consultation
This is the initial and the most important phase for both of us. In this phase we try to understand every aspect of your business, products, services, policies, your business goals and clearly receive your expectation with us. This makes us easy to better devise the SEO methodology for you. We also like you to get updated on our SEO and SEM services and its impacts afterwards.

Phase 2 – Requirement Analysis & Market Research
With the inputs received from you, we proceed forward to analyze your requirements, do our part of Research & Development to identify about your niche market. Our first focus is on knowing about your present and potential customers, and also understanding how the industry or the market that you operate in behave and react online. We do appropriate market segmentation and customers differentiation based on internal and external needs and values.

Phase 3 – Competitor Analysis
Based on the findings of Phase 2, we then examine and study about your current and potential competitors. We make analysis of your competitors to study which SEO activities they are using for their websites and what is their online behavior and reputation. It provides us a basis to structure the SEO methodologies required for your business. We aim at strengthening your business and get higher rankings than your competitors in the search engine results.

Phase 4 – Internet Marketing Plan Development
This is another crucial phase in the overall SEO process. The success of the entire SEO campaign is largely dependent on the strength and working of the plan developed. Based on all our analysis and findings, we develop the Internet Marketing plan for your business. We strategically list the SEO and SEM activities and the process flow to be executed so as to rank your websites on top search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Phase 5 – Implementation & Review
Based on the solid Internet Marketing plan that we have devised for you, we then finally implement all the activities. Our industry’s best SEO experts work really hard to achieve your expectations which you have from us. We send you Custom Report of SEO activities every month for your review and subsequent approval. On that basis, we make necessary modifications and improvements to meet the desired result.

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