Google Guidelines

There are different types of search algorithms deployed by the Google and compel various companies to take adequate measures to improve the rankings of the website. As per the Google Guidelines, the crawler scans the page for relevant links which enable it to index them for the purpose of search engine listings.

Our focus is related to the layout of the web page forcing the software to read complete content and assign page rank accordingly. Placing the links at the start of the web page could prove to be counterproductive because the Google Bot might not place it in the upper echelons of ranking. Therefore, it is important to craftily design the web pages so that tasks could be accomplished in an effective manner.

Some of the most important features of the Google Guidelines:

  • SEO companies undertake extensive research to find the behavioral patterns of different search engines like Google. It is a well known fact that excessive importance is attached to the Meta tag of the web page which incorporates the title along with description. Google analyzes the content in holistic manner and assigns ranking to the web pages. Some of the other prominent websites make it imperative for the users to deploy keywords in the formulation of Meta tag and the description. Therefore, we undertake detailed design of the content so that web site consistently ranks higher in the search engine listings.
  • One of the most important Google Guidelines includes the special features which surround the graphics and animation in a particular website. The crawler is not equipped with the provision to scan the images; however it searches for keywords in the attribute tags. Therefore, they must be optimized to provide higher rankings in an impeccable manner.
  • There are certain design parameters to be followed while creating the page because the Bots do not include the instances of duplicate links. Therefore content should be written without mentioning the links repetitively on a similar page. One of the most important procedures for entering Google listings would be to create the subject matter focused on the generic keyword. It will help to achieve the desired results in an easy and hassle free manner.
  • To obtain higher rankings we prevent the link farm to connect to the target websites because it might result in a blank ban for the page by Google and other prominent websites. The toolbar in the browser provides comprehensive information about the page rank of the website.
  • We align our marketing strategies with the website which are blessed with a higher rank of more than 3. Link exchange could one of the best methods deployed and would go a long way in creating back links to the particular website in an impeccable manner.Google Guidelines state that advertisement on sites with a higher page rank would be crucial to get better results within a stipulated time frame.
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