Pay Per Click management services from TechMajestic run on the following search engines:

  • Google Adwords
  • MSN Adcenter

Do you require paying any minimum monthly budget or contract for a certain period of time to undertake Pay per Click management?

No, we do not require you for a minimum budget or duration to run our Pay per Click management program.

Is it necessary for special landing pages (custom pages) to be prepared for successful Pay per Click management program?

Special landing pages really help for a successful PPC campaign. However, at our initial web site assessment phase, we will identify if any such pages exist; and recommend for changes as necessary. You need to implement the changes. If no special pages relevant for the campaign are found, we can help you create the same with a separate fee.

How may I communicate with you regarding my PPC advertisement program?

You can drop a mail to us any time regarding your query to us.

Do we need to share my credit card details?

Yes, it is required before the start of the Pay per Click management program. This is essential to draw out a contract so that the interests of both the parties are safeguarded against any financial irregularity. However, for your preference, we can help you creating PPC accounts with different search engines involved in the program.

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