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TechMajestic Inc. is excited to take a look at your website’s marketing health with our free SEO report. Our SEO team will give you a custom SEO report with our expert opinion and perspective on the performance of your current site in terms of:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine visibility (how your site is ranking for the keywords that matter to you)
  • Site strength and authority — a measure of your site’s ability to rank well if optimized
  • Website usability and navigation
  • Convertability — the ability of your site to convert traffic into requests for quotes or sales

We offer both a free SEO report and a fee-based comprehensive SEO report and analysis. So whether you’re interested in a review of your website health or a thorough report on your site and the sites of your competitors with a detailed roadmap for online success, we can help you. We look forward to leading you down the path of effective internet marketing and search engine optimization.


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We also provide FREE SEO Service Trial for your website

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What does “FREE SEO” Offer?

By submitting your site/blog you will receive  the following SEO Service that are estimated to value $1000

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Website Optimization
  • Removing Instance of Black Hat SEO
  • Checking your website search engine accessibility
  • Weekly Ranking Reports
  • Setting you up for Google Analytics
  • Adding your website to Google Webmaster Central

Why Do we offer FREE SEO?

We offer FREE SEO Service for the following reasons -

  1. We will have chance to work with you and show you our professional approach towards the business strategy. We are keen to sign you up for a complete SEO package after you see our good work
  2. We will place a link on your site pointing to ours, thus promoting our services.

Does FREE SEO Guarantee your Google placement on the First Page?

No. However, it will improve your site’s ranking on Google and other major search engines. You will be able to see the improvements in the website and rankings over the first few weeks by reviewing your website ranking reports.

You will benefit mostly from your website if it has a strong global presence on the Google Search Results Page.

Limited Offer

We are now able to provide the FREE SEO Service to 50 clients per month based on first come first served approach. Please be patient until our team contacts you.


We will NOT be able to provide you our FREE SEO Service if your website -

  1. Has been banned or red flagged by Google
  2. Doesn’t open up – for technical reasons.

If you are not sure about qualification of your website, feel free to fill out the form above and we will take a look at your website and let you know if it doesn’t qualifies.

FTP Access Required

We would require to have a FTP access to successfully optimize your website. Without an FTP Access we will not be able to provide with FREE SEO Services. Your host provider will be able to provide you the FTP access of your website.


Your website FTP Access is 100% secure with us.


You can contact us any time with your questions or to ask any additional information that you may want on our Web Development or SEO Services.

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